LadsFeet Hotel

Have you ever dreamed about being a total slave pig to me or my models for an extended length of time. Maybe a weekend or perhaps even longer. Well now you have the chance to do it.

You will experience the hottest lads with the sexiest feet to dominate you and abuse you for as long as you like. We will make you lick our trainers, sniff our socks, worship our sweaty feet and dirty feet, make you eat dinner off the floor after we stamp on it and you. Gob in your face, piss and shit on you, tie you up and torture you and tickle you. Stomp on you, verbally abuse you and make you feel like a total cunt.

Whatever your fetish is let us know and we can help you have the most amazing time.

Facilities include: St Andrews Cross, Bondage Chair, Torture Table, Sling, huge selection of trainers, socks, dildos, bondage gear and whips. Bed, shower, kitchen, gym, cinema, nightclub, hot tub and huge dungeon.

If this sounds like the experience for you then send me an email with the details of what you want to do to

The LadsFeet Hotel is based in the Czech Republic 50km from Prague.

Prices start from 200Euros per night

A deposit is required to prove that you are actually serious, please dont waste our time.

He is a review from a recent guest at the foot hotel.

Wow! What a fantastic weekend.
My limits were pushed and I did things I thought I would never do, I have encountered the sweatiest feet imaginable. Nice cute guys who have a dark side and it was amazing. Could not have asked for better masters - pushing pizza in my face, licking mud off trainers and getting to worship hot guys feet. Would do it all again without a doubt. These guys know how to push your buttons and you want to please them or face severe punishment. One of guys pushed me so I was lying down in the mud then had to lick his sweaty feet. Thank you so much. Whether it was licking shoes,socks or bare feet they were smelly and sweaty. It was hard work at times, but ultimately If you want to be a slave for these guys you got to expect to new and exciting things. The guys feet were all awesome and I had a fabulous time.